Small Business Growth Roundtable

Alberta has the highest proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada. There are 169,000 businesses, representing 99.7% of all businesses and employing 91.3% of all private sector workers in Alberta. Small businesses are the engine of the Alberta economy.

The future prosperity of Alberta is intrinsically linked to the growth of small business.

For years, policymakers, business leaders and academics have struggled with big questions:

1.      How can Alberta small business grow their business?

2.      What are the skills that leaders need to grow their small business?

3.      How can Alberta small business acquire, develop and retain the talent to grow their business?

4.      How can different stakeholders and policymakers collaborate to support small business growth in Alberta?

The Small Business Growth Roundtable is a meeting of thought leaders in Alberta small and medium business. The goal of the Roundtable is not to answer these big questions. Rather, the focus will be to unpack and ask better questions. Because asking better questions, is the first step to finding better answers.

Who will be participating in the Roundtable?  

The Small Business Growth Roundtable will be hosted in Calgary. The Roundtable invitees will be proven leaders in small business, management, policy and academia. The session will be intimate and a hands-on working session. All participants will roll-up their sleeves and contribute their expertise and energy to the Roundtable.  

What will happen with the outcome of the Roundtable?

The outcome of the Roundtable will be a series of prioritized questions that need to be actioned. The province is fortunate to have both individuals and organizations with drive to collaborate to answer these questions to move the province forward. Mount Royal University’s Growth Compass, will be tasked to facilitate the partnerships of individuals and organizations to transform these questions into answers.