Do you have a business challenge? 

We are here to solve it! Research projects with the Growth Compass can be initiated by individual businesses, industry associations representing a group of businesses, or government organizations looking to impact an entire sector.

How we Deliver Value


Our Process

Step 1: Contact the Growth Compass

Contact us below to receive a link to complete a Growth Compass application form. This application will give us a sense of whether your challenge is a good fit for you and our team.

Step 2: Discovery Session

If we determine that our team is a good fit for your business, we'll sit down for a face-to-face discovery session. In this session, we will explore your challenge.

Step 3: Problem Definition & Research Design

We will work with you to further unpack your problem and develop a proposed research study that will assist in solving it. The nature of the research design will depend on your problem, but could involve one or more of the following: analysis of current archival data, collection of new quantitative data or qualitative data. During this stage, we will also determine which category your project fits into a collaborative project, student project or consulting project.

Step 4: Critical Path & Budget Review

At this stage, we will discuss the nature of the project in depth and assess the project logistics. In most cases, the costs associated with the production are relatively minimal, but it will vary depending on the scope and nature of the project.

Step 5: Project Execution

The schedule of the project will be outlined by the critical path and executed within the defined scope.  

Step 6: Project Report

The research team will develop a comprehensive project report for each partner. This report will include the findings from our study, business implications and recommendations for your business.


Win-win Partnerships

The Growth Compass research team is driven to both solve your growth problem, and advance our academic disciplines. To advance our discipline, we need access to data to support our research goals. This data can come in many forms. For example, it may be your existing archival data that can be analyzed to identify predictive trends over time; or, it may be new data collected to help answer the questions you are facing. The Growth Compass research team provides expertise in research and data analytics, in exchange for academic publishing rights to this research. The result is a cost-efficient program to arm small businesses with insights while also building our collective knowledge of how small businesses can achieve their growth ambitions.

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