Focused on Growing Alberta Small Business, Internationally. 

Today, Alberta small business today are overly reliant on their local markets, with local sales accounting for over 75% of annual sales revenues. Research demonstrates that the more geographically diversified a small business is, the more likely these companies are to grow. Alberta small business need to locate growth markets beyond Canada’s borders.

The Alberta Manufacturing Export Compass program

In 2018, the Alberta manufacturing sector employs 140,000 Albertans and generates $75B in annual sales. Though manufacturing represents 25% of Alberta exports, exporting still represents less than 25% of the sales revenue for three out of four small business. For this reason, the Government of Alberta identified internationalization as a critical growth opportunity for Alberta manufacturers. Th AMEC program is an initiative of the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and is facilitated by Mount Royal University's Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The factors influencing small business export performance are complex and include a combination of internal, external and contextual factors. The flexible four-module AMEC program is designed to go beyond traditional generic resources and provide customized support program for Alberta manufacturing firms who are at different stages of developing internationalization. Depending on a company's stage of internationalization, they may choose to participate in one or more of the AMEC modules


Who is AMEC for?

The AMEC program is designed to support companies at different stages of internationalization.  This may include: 

  • A new Alberta-based manufacturer seeking to "go international" for the first time.

  • An established Alberta-based manufacturer seeking to expand their existing international business.

  • An Alberta-based manufacturer seeking targeted professional development for their management in the area of internationalization.