We deliver evidence-based approaches that develop high impact talent

Mount Royal University’s Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is focused on developing an entrepreneurial mindset coupled with creative and disciplined execution. Talent with this combination is necessary for the creation of new ventures and for the growth and success of existing small and medium businesses. We accomplish this with a unique combination of experiential learning and impact research.

The Growth Compass incubates early stage ideas that have a potential to significantly impact Alberta economic growth.

Through interdisciplinary partnerships, both inside and outside of academia, our innovators execute community-engaged research that advances knowledge, changes industry, develops remarkable talent and challenges our community to think bigger. At the heart of what we do is our belief that real innovation is rooted in collisions - collisions between disciplines; between academics and industry; and between our students and the world around them.



How can different stakeholders and policymakers support small business growth in Alberta?



How can Alberta small business acquire, develop and retain the talent to grow their business?



What strategies can Alberta small business use to grow their business?



What sales and marketing actions drive the growth of Alberta small business?

Creating Value

The Growth Compass is based on the principle that collaboration between business professionals and professors is a win-win. It advances both business and academia through innovative and efficient industry-scholar partnerships.